Jocasta (Ma Ma J) Odom is a woman with so many hats. She has a Bachelors of Science in Biology and her MBA with a specialization in Healthcare Management. For several years, Jocasta was the Lead Research Specialist and Lab Manager for the Bassell Lab at Emory University. Now Jocasta is the CEO and Founder of her company Friendly Conversations, LLC. Jocasta is also a published author of her book entitled Transformation. Just 11 years ago Jocasta founded her Women’s Organization Sistah Circle. She is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach who is focused on her client’s transformation. Jocasta is an excellent MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER whose truth takes her audience to another level. Within Jocasta’s Coaching business her clients range from married couples, women, young ladies, and men. Jocasta spends her time loving God, taking care of her Family, and the Sistah Circle. Yet, her mission in life is to be an Advocate for Women and Children.


Jocasta encourages WOMEN to reach for the stars. She helps them to see how life 

is not over because you have made mistakes. She teaches them mistakes are life 

teaching skills. It’s only when you do not learn from your mistakes that your mistakes turn into problems. 


Currently, Jocasta’s new hat is being a Reality Star from the CBS hit show Big Brother.

Jocasta was one of 15 other houseguests on Big Brother. Being on the show has

afforded Jocasta opportunities such as, co-hosting on Studio 62 with Jamarcus Gaston, more television, and radio shows. 


Jocasta is the owner and designer of her Bow Tie Collection called QuoTies. She 

provides her customers with a new custom look with each purchase. Jocasta does not only transform you with her book but with her Bow Ties too. 


Jocasta Odom is a woman who loves to give back. She has strived to reach people 

through motivation, poetry, her preaching, and teaching of what God wants told. She is realistic, loving, caring, giving, motivating, and a Speaker of Truth. Jocasta has learned through several trials how her life should be so she has vowed to show others what she has learned. Jocasta Founded the Sistah Circle to be an Advocate for Women. She met so many women who did not understand what they were worth. She spends day after day speaking with women and informing them they are loved. Currently, Jocasta has a radio show on 108praiseradio called That's What's Up with Jocasta. She interviews celebrities, new artists, and tackles several important community issues.