​Transformation is a book of constant life changes. In life you are constantly changing like the season. To live is to always carry luggage of life.


I Transformed from the settling relationships, from the sexual assault, confused identity, anger, resentment, and just plan mad. I had anger from people and their dishonesty. I had anger from family, friends, and relationships. Some of the anger I caused and some I did not.


I hurt several people in my life and I want to say I am sorry. Everyone I hurt will know when they read this and I hope they accept my apology. I had so much turmoil and I could not channel it. I did not know myself, therefore others were hurt. But now I have realized it is not about knowing who I am but it is about knowing God. I knew him but I was disconnected from him. After the sexual assault I could was ruined because I could not understand why God did this to me. Why he did this to me in his house. Now I see God did not do this to me it was man who hurt me. I had to praise God for the disconnection to receive the ultimate connection.


I have Transformed into the “Word Doctor” and I will never go back. I may stubble but I will press my way through. I want to challenge everyone who reads these poems to accept the Transformation Challenged. I dare everyone to Transform with placing God first. Let’s Transformed together. No matter who tells you it is to late do not listen. It is never too late. If you need guidance just read the poems that connect to you.


Remember Transformation is just an appetizer to the full course meal that God has in store for you.​ To order your copy, please click here.